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Mark Cira and Ada Li are partners in Hardscrabble Investments and have been active in the real estate industry for over 15 years. Through many conversations with friends, relatives, and business associates, we found many were interested in diversifying their 401k and IRA investment portfolios.  They wanted to move some of their investments outside of the stock market and into real estate but didn't know how or where to start looking.

At the same time, we were actively searching for larger real estate investment opportunities for ourselves.  After building and remodeling homes, we wanted to invest some of our own returns into income producing rental properties. We educated ourselves on the fundamentals of the business, the market conditions, and investing possibilities and we began identifying great operators to partner with.  As we talked about our plans within our personal and business networks, others became interested in working with us and we saw an opportunity to help them invest with us.

In 2017, we formed Hardscrabble Investments to help bridge the "gap" between those who desire to invest in real estate with operators who are seeking investors.  We fill the gap in knowledge, time, experience, confidence and trust by educating and informing our clients, investing alongside our investors, and working directly with our vetted partner operators on each venture.





  1. involving hard work and struggle.

    "her uncle's hardscrabble peanut farm"

Founding Member of Hardscrabble Investments
Mark Cira

Mark Cira is a registered CPA in Illinois, a construction project management consultant, and CFO of a consulting firm. Over Mark's 15 year career, he has overseen the planning and construction of more than $20B of industrial assets. He is a general partner in $14M of multi-family commercial real estate.  Mark is also a founding member of Hardscrabble Developments which builds reasonably priced, mid-market single family homes in Chicago.

Founding Member of Hardscrabble Investments
Ada Li

Ada Li is a partner and project manager of a family-owned construction company in Chicago. Over the last 15 years, she has built and renovated more than 25 homes and managed 10 major commercial construction projects. In total, Ada has managed the construction of more than $25M in real estate. Ada is also a founding member of Hardscrabble Developments which builds reasonably priced, mid-market single family homes in Chicago.

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