Identify  operating partners with strong track records of performance and strong market attributes for investment opportunities


Educate our investors on the fundamentals of the real estate market and attributes of each investment opportunity


Connect our investors with operators to fund real estate projects


We invest alongside our investors to ensure alignment of our mutual interests



We evaluate potential investment partners to verify their ability to meet our objectives and their projections.  We expect our partners to have the following qualities:
  • Clear understanding of the state of local and national real estate market

  • Strong track record of delivering results on similar real estate investments

  • Superior grasp of real estate fundamentals

  • Conservative approach to underwriting and expected return modeling

  • Sound exit strategy and finite timeline for the investment

Investment Opportunities
We screen prospective investments to limit risk and maximize potential returns. We evaluate each investment based on a variety of factors:
  • The general economic trends (locally, regionally, and nationally) driving the market

    • What are the expectations for economic growth​

    • What are the prospects for job growth

    • Is there a diversified employment base

  • The type of market (emerging, established, redeveloping) the asset is located

    • Is the asset in an established, or proximate to, an established market​

    • Is the property in an emerging market or improving neighborhood

    • Is the asset and surrounding community under redevelopment

    • Are there city, regional, and or other plans for improving the community or developing the surrounding areas

  • The type and class of property

    • Type: Multifamily residential, manufactured housing, office, retail, industrial, other Commercial ​

    • Class of Property: A, B, or C

  • The investment strategy

    • Buy and hold​

    • New construction development

    • Value-add: Requires investment in repairs to achieve market rental rates

    • Under-market: Undervalued due to other property mismanagement issues

  • The potential returns and risks factors

    • Overall expected returns​

    • Contribution of cash flow vs. appreciation

    • Risk sensitivity analyses

    • Margin for error



We help our clients understand the key characteristics of each opportunity. We identify and inform our investors of the most important attributes and risk factors involved by:
  • Scrutinizing investment proposals and legal documents and distilling down the details

  • Analyzing the current state of the real estate market

  • Investigating the assets (building age, type, state, etc.)

  • Examining the strategy for renovating and repositioning the asset

  • Informing the legal and tax aspects of each investment


We understand our clients’ objectives and connect them with vetted opportunities. We do the investment and market research. We scrutinize the potential operating partners.  We verify their track record and check their references.  We leverage our experience to ensure our partners and investors have the best opportunity to meet their commitments and goals.  We work with our partners during the life of the investment to help our clients understand how their money is being used, what the overall results are, and when to expect their return of capital.



We invest alongside our investors to ensure that our priorities are aligned with theirs.  By having "skin in the game", we demonstrate that we are as interested in a positive outcome as they are.  We are not in the business of short-term success.  We're focused on building long-term relationships that foster wealth building opportunities for our clients and partners.